Hybrid Space

Tŷ Pawb

Tŷ Pawb, the Hybrid Hub That Celebrates Creativity and Community

At Tŷ Pawb, a hybrid community centre in an old market hall in Wrexham, everything flows together harmoniously. From cultural events to market stalls for local entrepreneurs — a place has been created here that gives every city dweller a reason to visit.

Hybrid space

Yoga in Kindergarten? Welcome to the Era of Hybrid Space

The function of future spaces will be as diverse as the people who use them. We’re entering an era where spaces can change function by the hour.

Bumblebee Spaces

From Office to Bedroom in Seconds: How Robots Drive the Adaptive Interiors of the Future

San Francisco-based startup Bumblebee Spaces is using artificial intelligence to create spaces that can change function over the course of a day.

&C Office

&C’s Colourful Amsterdam Office Combines Concept Store, Cafe and Workspace

Stop by media brand &C’s office to browse the store, do some shopping, have a coffee, or to go to work.

Slowear18 in Milan

Fashion Store by Day, Cocktail Bar by Night

Slowear18 is a concept store in Milan with a fluid identity. By day, it acts as a clothing shop to turn into an exclusive mixology bar by night.


Amsterdam Café Turns Into Cocktail Bar After Dark

Karavaan is a venue in Amsterdam with a flexible interior capable of changing function over the course of a day.


Retail Store Meets Basketball Court in Miami

UNKNWN's flagship store in Miami is a hybrid space that combines retail with a dazzlingly colourful community basketball court offering fitness and design events.

Posti Box

Self-Service Postal Store Is the New Hybrid Space of Online Shopping

Posti Box is a walk-in parcel pick-up and drop-off shop in Helsinki's city centre that offers an in-between space between online delivery and home.


Family Home in Bruges Is a Shared Space for Neighbours

By making their home accessible to the public, the homeowners hope to make a positive and connective impact on the neighbourhood.


Hybrid Retail Store Brings Online-Only Brands Back to the Shelves

Re:store brings online brands into real retail stores in San Francisco, focusing on customer experience and getting creators and shoppers from behind the computer screen.


Codi Lets You Co-Work From Your Neighbour’s Living Room

Maximising underused urban space offers new potential, especially in highly expensive cities. Codi, a startup from San Francisco, lets you turn your living room into a co-working space.


Artists Skip the White Cube to Exhibit in Supermarkets and Fridges

The uniform art gallery environment has motivated artists to exhibit their work in unusual locations in the city — from supermarkets to fridges.