The Return of the Roaring City

The Return of the Roaring CityFree download

In collaboration with Unlocked, we explore the future of hybrid space and how the cultural sector and events industry can reap the benefits of this new urban frontier in the post-COVID city.

From Mono to Multi

Even in times of mega-urbanisation, there exists an excess of unused or inefficiently used space in cities. This has to do with mono-functionality. During the corona pandemic, we saw that unilateral space management can lead to major financial problems — not only in hotels and restaurants but also in cultural venues. The key to better use of urban space lies in flexible, hybrid, multifunctional operations, allowing space to change function, business models to be stacked and diversified revenue streams to be unlocked.

Unlocking Underutilised Spaces

Unlocked offers a way for property managers to make this possible. The soon-to-be-launched platform unlocks unique, underutilised spaces in iconic cultural venues across London by making them bookable for meetings and events through an easy-to-use interface. This not only ensures more financial flows to one of the city’s most valuable assets, the creative sector — it also leads to better events in unexpected places in the city that until recently were not accessible.

The future of space is hybrid. It’s an art gallery. It’s a yoga studio. It’s someone’s 30th birthday party. It’s all of the above. It’s whatever people want it to be

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Together with Unlocked, we went on a research trip. We spoke with London’s cultural institutions, with professionals in the events industry, and we identified the trends that will play a role in real estate, culture and the city. All this we brought together in this free report, The Return of the Roaring City.

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