Yoga in Kindergarten? Welcome to the Era of Hybrid Space

The function of future spaces will be as diverse as the people who use them. We’re entering an era where spaces can change function by the hour.

Imagine attending a lecture in the morning in the same room where you’re going to see a film later that evening. Or shopping at a store suddenly becomes a cocktail bar at night. Or throwing a birthday party in the place where you dropped off your children earlier that day. While a kindergarten stays empty most of the evening and night, it then might as well become a yoga studio or cultural it’s not just lack of space we experience in big cities — it’s a lack of imagination to use space creatively.

While some spaces change shape completely throughout the day, it is also possible for multiple activities to take place in one space at the same time. Think of it as radical co-working — hairdresser in one corner of the space, a chiropractor and graphic designer in other corners. With the rise of remote working and freelancing, the demand for flexible and adaptable spaces will only increase.

Shared Living Environment
A project by Pop-Up City. Commissioned by property developer BPD, we developed a concept for a multifunctional living environment in Amsterdam based on sharing

It’s not just lack of space we experience in big cities — it’s a lack of imagination to use space creatively

As we move towards a future of hybrid spaces, it’s important to consider the implications for the design and layout of these spaces. Architects and designers will need to prioritise flexibility and adaptability in their designs, to ensure that spaces can easily adapt to changing needs throughout the day. In addition, building owners and operators should be open to new and creative uses of their spaces and embrace the idea of radical co-working and multifunctional spaces.

Hybrid spaces can foster collaboration and community building. When different activities take place in the same space, it creates opportunities for people to interact and potentially forge new bonds. This can lead to a more engaged and vibrant community. As we explore the potential of hybrid spaces further, it’s clear that they can significantly change the way we live, work and interact.

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