We are Pop-Up City, an agency for urban transformation based in Amsterdam

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The Stories of QO Amsterdam



Urban Marketing

10,000 Eyes

We launched a creative campaign for Rotterdam's Police Department to reduce store and street robberies to zero.


Urban Marketing


In order to support the maker community of Southeast Amsterdam, we’ve created a box full of locally-made products that let you enjoy the scents, tastes and stories of this unique district.

Rooftop Residency


Rooftop Residency

A one-week designer residency on Amsterdam’s rooftops with the aim to create an overarching vision for the city’s roofscape.

Real Estate Concepts


We turned a vacant office building near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol into Europe's healthiest working environment.

Amstel III



Our hands-on placemaking strategy makes one of Amsterdam's largest urban transformation areas come to life.

Kyushu Crafts Club

Content Creation

Kyushu Crafts Club

An exhibition on the innovative crafts culture of the Japanese island of Kyushu and its strategic role in regional development.


Rooftop Catalogue

Rooftop Futures

MVRDV Presents… 130 Ideas for Rooftops

Paris 15-Minute City

Welcome to the ×-Minute City

Precollinear Park

How a Community Park on a Disused Tramway Marks a New Era of Urban Reclaim in Turin

Today's urban challenges require an open-world approach