PUC × EU Green Week 2018

Estonia to Become the World’s First Free Public Transport Nation

After a successful experiment with free public transport for all citizens in Tallinn, Estonia wants to become the world's first free public transport nation. Allan Alaküla explains why this is a good idea.

The 5 Places That Shape Amsterdam’s New Urban Food Landscape

The Dutch cuisine is often seen as a culinary wasteland — even by the Dutch themselves. But change is happening. smart magazine takes us on a trip along the most inspiring places om Amsterdam's culinary frontier.

The Sustainable City of Tomorrow

Following the launch of their new electric models, smart magazine presents its first comprehensive multimedia story demonstrating that tomorrow’s sustainable city is already tangible.

Step Into VRcation And Escape Reality

Eindhoven Design Academy graduate Emma Verhoeven has designed VRcation, a fictitious travel agency offering virtual package-deal vacations.

Trash And Treasure The Game

Eindhoven Design Academy graduate Wouter Vastenow has designed The ‘De Afvalbank’ or ‘The Waste Bench’, looking at how cleaning up the streets can be changed from a chore to an inviting game.

For When You’d Prefer A Good Book Over A Stiff Drink

Where do the non-party people go if they would like to go out late at night? Eslite is a bookstore in Taipei serving to fill a void in the 24 hour economy.

Design On The Go: Taipei’s Metro Makeover

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Taipei MRT, in conjunction with the World Design Capital 2016, Taipei expanded design concepts into their Metro system for a complete makeover.

A Laboratory Of Primitive Senses

Sui Sui Laboratory of Primitive Senses in Taipei uses the east Asian philosophy of 'Forest Bathing', revolving around the belief in the benefits of nature on mental well-being.

Forest Bathing For Urban Tranquility

The eastern phenomenon of 'Forest Bathing' emphasises the value of nature; a concept explored by Dutch creatives of Gewildgroei as part of the World Design Capital 2016 program in Taipei.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Kid’s Playground

Spanish design collective Basurama has built two inspiring playgrounds in Taipei using urban waste material such as discarded lamp posts and water tanks.

Modern Signboards For Taipei’s Traditional Markets

The Small Shop Signboard Manufacturer, organized in collaboration with Taipei-based culture promotion brand Archicake, is working to create store front signs by connecting family run businesses with designers.

Empowering Local Entre­preneur­ship In Rotter­dam’s Afrikaander­wijk

The Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative promotes local entrepreneurs and supports local residents to explore their talents in South-Rotterdam's Afrikaanderwijk.