Fab Lab Japan

Going Back to the Roots With Production in Rural Japan

In Kumamoto Prefecture, just north of Mount Aso and its magnificent caldera, lies the town of Minami-Oguni. What brought a fab lab, something that is usually found in cities, to this little town?

IABR President George Brugmans on the Future of the Architecture Biennale

President of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, Georges Brugman, discusses the role architecture plays in facing current climate challenges and the future of the organization.

How to Survive London Without a Smartphone

Berlin club owner, Michel Niknafs, goes on a digital detox — whilst trying to make his way around busy London.

The Hardware Store of the 21st Century Is Here

Buurman is a circular hardware store in Rotterdam that gives used materials a second chance.

How to Reduce Waste: The Easy Way

Urbanites leave behind a tremendous amount of waste in their daily lives. In the new video series Challenge Accepted by smart, Berlin club owner Michel Niknafs takes on a challenge to cut his waste down to zero.

Water School Helps India’s Youngsters to Shape a Sustainable Future

A quarter of India's population is facing water shortage because there's no effective system to store and distribute water. Renowned Studio Makkink & Bey, in collaboration with artists, designers and craftsmen, are setting up an elementary school that teaches pupils to tackle this problem and shape a sustainable future.

IABR 2018 Explores Small Green Ideas That Can Make a Big Change

Global actions are required to fight climate change, but how can we integrate sustainable behavior into our daily lives? The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2018 explores small ideas from the creative community that can make a big impact.

World’s Smartest Port in the Making

A city that is no stranger to the industrial manufacturing industry, Rotterdam is developing the next phase of a ten-year plan for innovation along its two port neighbourhoods. At Rotterdam Makers District, forward-thinking creatives are given space to experiment and develop new products to reshape the manufacturing industry as we know it.

Archibiotect Vincent Callebaut Explains What Cities Can Learn From Rainforests

How to prepare our cities for the post-fossil era? The award-winning Belgian-born, Paris-based archibiotect Vincent Callebaut has a vision — and it's truly inspiring.


WASTED Turns Household Waste Into a Community Currency

Amsterdam startup WASTED is making recycling a community cause by introducing a local currency based on household waste. Sietse Gronheid explains why the project is such a big success.

Buzzing Urban Village Is a Testing Ground for the Circular Economy

Hof van Cartesius is a circular urban village on a derelict piece of land along a railway track in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Co-founder Bianca Ernst explains how this buzzing community came to life using only discarded building materials.

Social Organisations Turn Barcelona’s Rooftops Into Community Farms

As the demand for space in cities increases, social organizations struggle to find locations for their activities. Public institutions in Barcelona are looking to transform the empty rooftops of public buildings into community farms.