Art On The Loose

National Gallery

London is full of urban street art and installations, from Banksy’s graffiti prints to Gormley’s mysterious statues. However it is not just contemporary artists who use the city as their canvas, as the National Gallery showed when they set their permanent collection free on the streets of London.

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On Kebab Foxes And The Urban Wildlife

Urban Nature

Did you know that the average domesticated cat eats around sixteen birds a year? Your cat is not that innocent as it may appear — it’s still a wild tiger, only now living in a forest of houses instead of trees. The oyster-catcher used to reside in coastal areas, but now lives on the roofs of our cities. Crow’s nests made out of cable ties, string and pieces of wire — meet the urban nature of today.

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Truck-A-Tecture Showcases Flexible Homes For Urban Nomads

Aero-Mobile by Office for Mobile Design

Increasing numbers of people live a nomadic lifestyle. They change jobs more frequently than toothbrushes, they’re not bound to a fixed house, and have organized their life to fit in a quickly changing world. To find a good way to create houses for this new lifestyle is an issue that many designer deal with. In Omaha, Nebraska, the exhibition venue KANEKO sets the stage for Truck-a-Tecture, an exhibit that showcases examples of the efforts to create comfortable and flexible architecture for modern urban nomads.

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The Church Of The 21st Century Is Not A Church


Imagine your own utopia, a quiet and peaceful place where you can lay back and relax. With its Yourtopia pavilion, Amsterdam-based architecture office SeARCH wanted to create such a place. The structure, officially called Het Nieuwe Paviljoen, represents a utopian view on living in the early 21st century, answering the question: What is minimally needed to achieve an optimal quality of life?

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Food To Go, Brought To You

Asking the public what change they wanted to see, the City of Sydney Council say that one of the most heard responses was for "more food options late at night"

What began as a one year trial with nine food trucks operating around Sydney has now grown into a huge city-wide service. Asking the public what change they wanted to see in the city, the City of Sydney Council say that one of the most resounding responses was for “more food options late at night”. And so the Sydney Food Trucks project began.

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