Placemaking in Motion: Museums on Wheels


In France, Musée Mobile (MuMo) is proving that museums are more than static institutions. Their attractive museums on wheels bring art and culture to the people, making heritage more accessible to a wider audience.

Addressing the Challenge of Cultural Inequality

France has a highly centralised cultural infrastructure. Paris is the ‘primate city’ where almost all the main cultural institutions are located. This means that many rural residents have limited access to museums. Research by the French Ministry of Culture shows that museum attendance has declined in recent years, especially among children and adults in rural areas. MuMo addresses this inequality by bringing art to the people.

MuMo × Centre Pompidou

MuMo’s mobile museum for the Centre Pompidou is the result of a collaboration between MuMo, Hérault Arnod Architectures, and Dutch artist Krijn de Koning. The 35 m² exhibition space in the truck showcases artworks from the Centre Pompidou’s collection. The truck’s loggia serves as an open stage, seamlessly connecting to the village square. It can be used for performances and concerts. Closing the stage with a screen creates an open-air cinema.

Photo Cyrille Weiner

The Power of Mobile Museums

MuMo’s mobile museum concept proves its power in revitalising village squares and promoting cultural inclusion. The open structure and playful design, with a rotating light box and fairground-like atmosphere, blurs the boundary between public and private space and invites passers-by to step inside. The low-threshold and interactive approach lowers the barrier to museum visits and increases the involvement of the local population.