Building Homes Together: A Book on 90 Years of Dutch Housing Construction

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Housing construction plays a central role in the great challenges facing the Netherlands. In partnership with WoningBouwersNL, we embarked on a journey spanning 90 years of history and looking ahead 90 years into the future.

Minister for Housing and Spatial Planning Hugo de Jonge received the first copy of the book from the hands of WoningBouwersNL director Coen van Rooyen

90 Years of Building Homes Together

WoningBouwersNL represents Dutch companies engaged in housing construction and area development across the board. As influential players in the industry, WoningBouwersNL member companies contribute to approximately 80% of new construction houses in the Netherlands. With a rich history dating back to 1932, WoningBouwersNL celebrated its remarkable 90th anniversary in 2022. To commemorate this milestone, PUC was entrusted with the creation of a special book.

The Netherlands and the world face major challenges in which housing and the living environment play a crucial role

Outlining the Future of Housing

In this anniversary book, we delve into pivotal moments that have shaped 90 years of housing construction in the Netherlands. We examine how home builders have navigated through various crises, drawing valuable lessons for the present and future. Collaborating with esteemed members of WoningBouwersNL, we also engage in insightful discussions about the current state of the housing market and peer ahead into the next 90 years. With major challenges facing the Netherlands and the world, housing and the living environment play a crucial role. To gain diverse perspectives, we sat down with leading experts from different sectors, including landscape architect and West 8 founder Adriaan Geuze, chief economist of Statistics Netherlands Peter Hein van Mulligen, agricultural economist Petra Berkhout, sociologist Jolanda Maas, biodiversity specialist and TV gardener Lodewijk Hoekstra, and sustainable entrepreneur and Dutch national energy commissioner Ruud Koornstra. To conclude, we present our own manifesto, offering recommendations for the next 90 years of housing and spatial planning in the Netherlands.

The book titled 90 jaar samen woningen bouwen was unveiled in December 2022 during a WoningBouwersNL congress in Utrecht. Minister for Housing and Spatial Planning, Hugo de Jonge, received the first copy from the hands of WoningBouwersNL director, Coen van Rooyen. Collaborating with Studio&, with whom we had previously enjoyed working, we ensured the book’s graphic design was a true reflection of its content and significance.

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