Wonderful Inflatables

Some time ago I stumbled upon the work of some great offices who dedicate their energy to producing fine temporary inflatable spaces. Lately we wrote about the project ‘Hovercraft Modernism’ by Raumlabor Berlin. One of their other projects is the Kitchen Monument. This is a bubble that fits perfectly in raw urban settings, in dark…

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Truck-A-Tecture Showcases Flexible Homes For Urban Nomads

Aero-Mobile by Office for Mobile Design

Increasing numbers of people live a nomadic lifestyle. They change jobs more frequently than toothbrushes, they’re not bound to a fixed house, and have organized their life to fit in a quickly changing world. To find a good way to create houses for this new lifestyle is an issue that many designer deal with. In Omaha, Nebraska, the exhibition venue KANEKO sets the stage for Truck-a-Tecture, an exhibit that showcases examples of the efforts to create comfortable and flexible architecture for modern urban nomads.

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