Wonderful Inflatables

Some time ago I stumbled upon the work of some great offices who dedicate their energy to producing fine temporary inflatable spaces. Lately we wrote about the project ‘Hovercraft Modernism’ by Raumlabor Berlin. One of their other projects is the Kitchen Monument. This is a bubble that fits perfectly in raw urban settings, in dark…

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A Fragile Shelter In The Woods Of Hokkaido

Fragile Shelter, Hokkaido, Japan

Small cabins in the middle of nowhere gain popularity. Not only to semi-permanently live in, or as a part of a decentralized hotel, but also as event spaces. The Japanese architecture firm Hidemi Nishida Studio has created this so-called Fragile Shelter, a temporary construction in the Sapporo Art Forest in Hokkaido, Japan. Hidemi Nishida Studio is specialized in feather-light constructions with plastic as a main construction material. Great examples are this Fragile Shelter but also their piece of inflatable architecture called Occupied.

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