Inflatable Spaces

The project Hovercraft – Lifting Modernism is a project by Raumlabor an urban office from Berlin.

Back in November 2008 they designed this unpermanent festival space to be used for a series of speeches, concerts, dinners and parties around the 75th anniversary of the ‘Fondation Suisse’, the most prominent dormitory of modern times. It gives solution to a recurring problem: the missing space for big festivities. The space underneath the building is wrapped with an inflatable, translucent membrane. The occurring pneumatic hall transforms the semi public ambient into a semiprivate event space. Very exciting!

The NYC exhibition hall Storefront for Art and Architecture organises the expo ‘Spacebusters’ (April 16-27), which deals with the work of German studio’s Raumlabor and Plastique Fantastique. The exposition called ‘Berlin in NYC’ starts with ten consecutive evenings of events in an inflatable pavilion in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Roosevelt Island. It addresses the questions of temporary urbanism as we like to see it on this blog.