Borrow Tools From Lockers in Berlin Metro Stations

While DIY tools are widely available in hardware stores or sharing economy services, they're not often easily accessible in convenient locations without security deposits and on short notice. That’s where by Thingk.Systems comes in. offers tools available to rent via an app and collectable from automatic lockers in Berlin metro stations. Users can see which tools are available when and then reserve and pay the rental fee via an app, streamlining the process of tool lending and allowing users to choose what they need and when with more freedom. is being tested in Berlin now but it could revolutionise the sharing market by providing lending stations open all day in easily-accessible locations.
Photo Jan Gerlach

This new lending system shows both the demand and the need for sharing and lending opportunities to ease the strain on resources and consumption, especially for items such as tools where a buyer is not likely to use the item so often that it cannot be shared. However, the automated sharing system isn’t limited to sharing Thingk.Systems tools and can be used for a wide range of different items. With lending lockers such as in strategic places across cities, the sharing economy could boom.