Inflatable Experiences

In our series reporting about amazing inflatable spaces we found, this project at the Libarynth research site of our friend Cocky Eek, is called ‘Inflatable Inspirations’.

Her site is a historical and practical survey of innovative inflatable experts, materials and theory about what makes an inflatable alive. The so-called ‘Waterwalk Tube’ by Theo Botschuiver and Jeffrey Shaw shows a Dutch project executed already 40 years ago, back in 1970. The project is still very inspiring and accurate, and pre-announces the predicted ‘Age of Experience’.

“An inflatable tube made of transparent plastic, 250 metres long and 3 metres in diameter, was placed over the Masch lake connecting its opposite banks. This air-filled floating bridge had airlock revolving doors at each end, and its pliable floor was in direct contact with the water surface. Visitors were able to enter this almost immaterial structure and cross from one side of the lake to the other as if walking on water. In Groningen the tube was placed in a U-shape in the harbor in the front of the Central station (where the new Groningen Museum is now located).”