The Wacky Works Of Willem de Haan

The ironic and humorous nature of Willem de Haan’s artwork is turning heads on the streets of Rotterdam and across the Netherlands. Willem’s work plays tribute to the absurd situations that society, politics, and people can bring.

The featured images in this article are selected from Willem’s recent work. With his comical approach and smart use of the existing environment, it’s hard not to smile when admiring these playful pieces.

The Accident, 2018

Dear Birds, 2018

Bald Guys, 2018

Step 1: Wear Clothes That Fit, 2015

Cactus Fence, 2018

Promo for a British Bike Lane in The Netherlands, 2018

Shit, 2017

Can’t stop staring? Willem’s website and Instagram are up to date with his latest work. Bold and imaginative, we’re curious to see what quirky ideas he comes up with next!