Ureshino Chadoki

How the Japanese Tea Ceremony Becomes a Landscape Experience

Tea ceremonies are inextricably linked to Japanese culture. On the island of Kyushu, a tea plantation turns the tea ceremony into an immersive landscape experience, allowing visitors to consume the tea where it's grown.

Paris 15-Minute City

Paris Will Provide Citizens Everything They Need Within a 15-Minute Radius

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo has outlined an ambitious vision for the future of the French capital. Her 15-Minute City plan focuses on the proximity of workplaces, schools and amenities for all citizens. After years of internationalisation we're encountering a revival of urban localism.


Tune in to Your Neighbourhood Radio With VoiceOver

VoiceOver is a hyper-local communications network where neighbours can connect and chat over digital radio.

Architecture China

China Bans Supertall Skyscrapers and Copycat Architecture

Globalised architecture has resulted in generic urban environments. A new set of policies has brought an end to the skyscraper race between Chinese cities and will foster the construction of buildings that highlight local cultures.

Hidden Trax Edinburgh

Podcasts Are the New Travel Guides

Hidden Trax creates a new tourist experience of Edinburgh with a series of podcasts created by locals about hidden gems in the city.

Airbnb Lost & Found

Airbnb’s Cultural Heritage Campaign Highlights Potential of Domestic Tourism

The Airbnb Lost & Found campaign reconnects China's younger generation with lost cultural traditions.

Nohga Hotel Ueno

Glocal Tokyo Hotel Connects Guests to Craftsmen in the Neighbourhood

The days of generic, globalised hospitality environments are over. Nohga Hotel Ueno in downtown Tokyo aims to create a meaningful stay by submerging guests into the local crafts culture.

Storage Neighbour

Running out of Space? Store Your Belongings at the Neighbours

A storage unit on the outskirts of town can be expensive and come with complicated contracts. New platforms allow users to hire out their lofts, garages or sheds to people in the neighbourhood that need storage space.

Sen̓áḵw Lands

New Housing Project Brings Vancouver’s Native Community Back Home

A new housing development project in Vancouver aims to offer 6,000 new homes on First Nation reserve land in conjunction with Squamish Nation members bringing the native community back home.

Human Hotel

Human Hotel Takes Home-Sharing to the Next Level

Human Hotel is a purpose-driven home-sharing community for creatives to host, meet and support each other.

Swedish Design Museum

Visit Sweden Lets You Explore The Country’s Design Culture Anywhere

Visit Sweden promotes the country's design culture with a museum that cannot be visited physically. Instead, the Swedish Design Museum offers personal experiences in private homes and packed into backpacks.

Scotland Regional Flags

Scotland’s Regions Brand Themselves With Their Very Own Flags

Regional flags in Scotland are flying as communities look to commemorate their region's history and culture with their very own way of placemaking.