Trevarefabrikken, a Case Study in Innovative Rural Revitalisation

In 2014, four Norwegian youngsters stumbled upon a disused factory on the Lofoten Islands. Inspired by its potential, they embarked on a journey to transform it into a vibrant hub for culture, food, and music. Today, Trevarefabrikken stands as a testament to the power of innovative rural revitalisation. We got a chance to speak to one of its founders, Martin Hjelle.


Antwerp to Quiet Traffic with Noise-Cancelling Fountains

The City of Antwerp is planning to install new fountains in the Brilschanspark to help reduce traffic noise. The fountains will generate a calming sound that will help to shield residents from the noise of the nearby highway.

Tŷ Pawb

Tŷ Pawb, the Hybrid Hub That Celebrates Creativity and Community

At Tŷ Pawb, a hybrid community centre in an old market hall in Wrexham, everything flows together harmoniously. From cultural events to market stalls for local entrepreneurs — a place has been created here that gives every city dweller a reason to visit.

Hybrid space

Yoga in Kindergarten? Welcome to the Era of Hybrid Space

The function of future spaces will be as diverse as the people who use them. We’re entering an era where spaces can change function by the hour.

How the Paris Cycle Network Was Created Bottom-Up

Cyclists are increasingly dominating the streets in Paris. To everyone's surprise, the French capital has changed in a few years from a car city to a bicycle city. But how did this happen?


Four Creative Policies to Unlock the Urban Roofscape

How can cities encourage better use of roofs? We show four examples of creative policies from around the world that are bringing about positive change.

Rooftop Catalogue

MVRDV Presents… 130 Ideas for Rooftops

The newly-released Rooftop Catalogue by architects MVRDV highlights 130 ways to use rooftops in cities. The book provides an overview of innovative ideas aiming to inspire architects, citizens and building owners to take the next step.

Quiet Parks International

Tranquility: An Underrated Commodity in Cities

More and more city dwellers are experiencing health problems due to noise pollution. It's time to talk about an undervalued urban commodity: the right to quiet places.

Cost Plus Virtual Store

Virtual Store Bridges the Gap Between Online and Offline Shopping

The Cost Plus Virtual Store lets customers browse digitally through a 360° retail environment.

Unreal City

Augmented Reality App Makes the Art Exhibition COVID-Proof

An augmented reality exhibition along the River Thames transforms London’s public space into a COVID-proof digital museum.

Multi-Purpose Furniture for Life in Lockdown

As we are forced to spend most of our existence at home, startups are coming up with smart solutions to make our spaces more flexible and multi-purpose.


From Possession to Use: Tulu’s Lending Cabinets Make it Possible

Why buy when you can borrow? Tulu installs tool libraries in residential, office or hospitality buildings available for everyone's use.