Vending Machine Offers Free Iced Tea In Exchange For A Tweet

This South African soda machine gives away free iced tea in exchange for a promotional tweet. The Bevmax 4-45 (‘BEV’) vending machine, located at Wembley Square, Cape Town, is equipped with a marquee that encourages passers-by to send a GPS-tagged tweet with a specific hashtag in it. As soon as the machine notices the tweet, it spits out a free can of Rooibos iced tea.

To get your tweet accepted you have to be close to the machine. After each tweet, the machine takes a timeout to show the name of the Twitter user on its screen. BEV is a project by the South African soda company BOS Ice Tea together with social media agency RAAK. If you like the idea, be sure to also check out this vending machine in Singapore that gives away free cans of Coke in exchange for hugs.