How to Travel Sustainably and Insta-Worthy With German Railways

The German Railways are creatively convincing Germans to explore their own country with the goal of reducing emission from air travel.

No need to fly around the world when you can explore your own country! DB, the German Railway Operator, has set out to promote their discounted train tickets. However, 72% of Germans prefer to fly away to distant lands during holidays increasing carbon emissions. By partnering with advertising agency Ogilvy, comparable sightseeing trips in Germany were shown to be as cheap as €19 and offers an alternative to flying.

Many people around the world are not familiar with what their own country has to offer. Because of cheap flights, globalization, and the demand for instagrammable moments, tourism is becoming increasingly unsustainable. Compared to air and car travel, taking the train is the more sustainable and easy mode of transportation that allows you to enjoy the scenery. The comparison advertisements were made with an algorithm that searched for photos with similar locations all over Germany. Additionally, it personalized the banner by adding real-time data such as the closest airport and flight price.

Initially starting as ticket-promotion campaign, DB has proven that discovering Germany by train can be beautiful for Germans as well. In addition to showcasing local travel, the rail company is also doing their part in offsetting large carbon emissions caused by air travel by incentivizing train travel. As millennials are becoming more aware of what impact their lifestyle has on the environment, we are expecting more brands and institutions to advertise sustainable behaviour.