The Moving City By Uniqlo

Japanese fashion company Uniqlo has made this online calendar about the moving city. The time lapse movies show the city as an organism and give a good insight in the relation between moving and static bits of the city. Uniqlo made the calender available for intergration in a blog, a MySpace or a Facebook account, and as a screensaver. Interesting is the idea about online campaigning that’s behind the calendar, that, of course, aims to promote the creative work and products of Uniqlo. Instead of buying a banner on blogs and other popular sites that people could click on, these guys decided to make a beautiful banner look-a-like people want to have on their website, or social networking pages. It’s viral because it’s beautiful, and it works as a banner in the end, attracting visitors to the Uniqlo website. What I’m writing is part of the campaign: whatever I’m saying, the actually message is ‘Uniqlo is a cool company’. Word.