Smartphone App Wander Connects Strangers Around The World

Ever wanted to get acquainted with ‘real’ local cultures? Smartphone app Wander does just that by randomly connecting users from different parts of the world. The originality of the app is the way it connects people as it provides them with daily photo-based missions that are used as a communication tool. Don’t worry if you can’t speak your interlocutor’s language, communication is made easy using a built-in translator.

“Wander is a fun way to explore the world and immerse yourself in new cultural experiences through your iPhone. Each week, you can explore a new part of the world with a new friend acting as your local guide.”

The free iPhone app connects you to a ‘guide’ accross the world, and turns you into a local ‘guide’ as well. The one-to-one sharing of images and messages allow strangers to communicate and eventually create friendships. The photo-sharing concept is beneficial to the local feel as it enables the guide to display images from his/her own point of view.