This Startup Brings a Mobile Grocery Store to Your Neighborhood

Grocery Neighbour

The Toronto startup, Grocery Neighbour, is developing an app-based mobile supermarket that brings local groceries to your neighbourhood.

Grocery Neighbour brings the supermarket to you while offering an alternative to home grocery delivery with their fleet of mobile grocery stores. The mobile stores will stock local produce including fresh local meat and fruit and vegetables which can be browsed and purchased right in your community. The trucks will be trackable by an app so users will be notified when the truck will be in their area. The current fleet of three trucks is set to start operation in Toronto in the summer with a plan of expanding further in Canada with up to 1,000 mobile stores.

Grocery Neighbour
Image Grocery Neighbour

The Grocery Neighbour smartphone app will notify customers when the mobile store is in their area

Grocery Neighbour offers a new alternative to home delivery and going to supermarket in a time when social distancing has changed the landscape of shopping and public space. Public spaces and services are changing and becoming more flexible and focussed to the community-scale allowing people to live and stay locally and Grocery Neighbour allows local groceries and goods to do just this while people no longer have to flock to the supermarket to shop.