Rough Trade London: A Transformable Style Shop

music store london
Rough Trade is definitely one of the coolest music stores in London. Besides LPs, EPs and CDs, magazines, books and T-shirts, Rough Trade sells inspiration. It’s a place to be, with a bar inside selling food and drinks and a mobile work spot with a couple of Mac Pros. There’s even a traditional photo booth installed. All together it’s a very cool place, that, in the end, has to sell records. To me the whole is more a style shop than a traditional record shop. The place seems to be meant to inspire customers and to offer them an place to conveniently sit, work or hang around. Rough Trade looks to sell a style instead of a set of products, which is very interesting.

During night time, the whole place could be transformed into a performing hall, as the CD shelfs, which have wheels, will be removed from the central area. The room then changes into a perfect performing place with a stage inside. In terms of flexibility in interior design this is very interesting as well, as day and night programmes are combined in one hall. Rough Trade can be found in East London close to Brick Lane.

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