Playhouse Nightclub Gives VIP Treatments Based On Klout Score

The trendy and famous Playhouse Nightclub in Los Angeles gives influencers on the Web a VIP treatment. Besides the Hollywood stars that frequent the club, visitors with a Klout score above 50 are the real VIPs in this Hollywood nightclub. The idea to introduce Klout to nightlife is part of a grassroots marketing campaign by the start-up from San Francisco.

Klout is a webservice that measures your online status and compares it to the rest of your social network. A Klout status of 50 means something like ”being a thought leader in your specific busines”. Klout measures not only followers on Twitter and retweets, but also Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections and diverse other social network connections and relations. This makes Klout the right web service to measure your online status and therefore the perfect tool for door bitches at nightclubs.

It’s not the clothes you wear or the thickness of your wallet that decides what treatment you get, but the amount of people that follow your thoughts.Will tweeps, geeks and bloggers take over nightlife? Perhaps they will. The power of media is definitely getting bigger, and the more everyone tries to be an online influencer the more credits the real influencers will get. It’s interesting to see how patterns and structures on the Web are introduced into ‘real life’. The big question, however, is whether all these Klout VIPs will boost the atmosphere in the nightclub. Geeks are not particularly famous for their party vibes.