Juice On The Go

For regular readers of our blog, it’s easy to tell that vending machines and food trucks get us going! Well, an LA-based, organic, detox juice company named Kreation features both our obsessions.

By supporting a more organic, locally produced and freshly-squeezed method of serving juices, the company is trying to “provide nourishing, clean fuel for the mind, body, and spirit”. Apart from offering their products in a traditional retail way, they have also decided to launch a juice vending machine and juice carts. The juice-bottle vending machine is for now only featured in the Beverly Hills juicery. The detox-ATM is quite properly coloured in an orange hue and offers 24-hour services. If you feel like detoxing and charging up with vitamins in the middle of the night, there is your chance!

Customers can satisfy their 4AM juice cravings at Kreation's 24-hour Juice ATM

Customers can satisfy their 4 AM juice cravings at Kreation’s 24-hour Juice ATM

Additionally, the brand offers multiple options of receiving their products at your place or bumping onto them while on the streets of LA. The Juice Kar and the Juice Bike deliver the products at your door, while the Juice Truck invites you to an urban vitamin-hunting. You can follow the Juice Truck on Twitter and learn its current position.

Juice Bike

This business initiative adds on the profile that Los Angeles has lately developed regarding pop-up food culture (see the examples of the Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck, the Kogi Korean BBQ the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM and the Santa Monica Food Truck Lot initiative). So, thanks to retail flexibility and pop-up urbanism, there’s really no excuse to avoid your daily vitamin dose! At least if you’re in LA.