Experience-Based Traveling With Wanderfly

Yesterday a brand new trip advisor named Wanderfly grabbed my attention. Wanderfly is a travel website, but then different. Instead of typing in the name of the place you want to go, the website says to help people discover new and exciting experiences based on their interests (what are you up to?) and budget. The Wanderfly database contains more than 1,200 destinations worldwide, and enables people to find, organize, share and book travels all in one place. “The recommendation engine generates information from partners like Expedia, Foursquare, Not For Tourists, Lonely Planet and more, allowing people to fully customize their next trip or explore the options”, Cool Hunting explains.

The website follows a simple idea. Fill in your departure city, time frame and budget, use the filters that fit with your interest (beach, party, romance, shopping, culture, et cetera), and Wanderfly comes up with a bunch of interesting suggestions. It provides rich, personalized information for each location, as well as the latest news and the weather. In addition, Wanderfly makes use of Facebook to let you know which of your friends are in each city you’re exploring. The initiators explain they started Wanderfly “because the process of travel has become such a chore. Rigid parameters instead of expansive freedoms, fixed answers instead of curious inquiries, endless forms and pages instead of simple, beautiful content.”