Erik Johansson’s Impossible Urban Scenes

Hello people. I want to dedicate this post to the fantastic personal work of Sweden-born and Berlin-based photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson. Give yourself a few minutes to click through his series of realistic photos of impossible scenes. Much of his graphic work has a strong spatial focus, which makes it very interesting for architecture and urbanism enthusiasts. The scenes in his photos range from Escher-like traffic situations to fascinating building designs and urban furniture in extraordinary settings.

In fact, Johansson captures ideas and concepts rather than moments. “For me photography is just a way to collect material to realize the ideas in my mind. I get inspired by things around me in my daily life and all kinds of things I see. Every new project is a new challenge and my goal is to realize them as realistic as possible”, he explains. Again, be sure to check out his portfolio. Please also notice the names of the works, which can be really funny sometimes.