Blind Date Swingers Club

The Blind Date Swingers Club probably has the best name for a club night. In fact the BDSC is a Berlin-based club with an ever-changing location throughout the city. The night is a new clubbing concept based on sharing music. All guests have to bring a self-made mix tape which swings during the night and helps visitors getting into a blind date. The Blind Date Swingers Club is based on a couple of ‘rules’, which makes it an interesting new concept in night life:

  1. Make a mix CD or mix tape. Feel free to decorate the cover and/or leave a note inside and contact/email, Facebook, MySpace etc.
  2. Drop of the mix to the DJ stand upon the entrance.
  3. Have a drink, sit down (or stand, your preference), make conversation, party, dance, unwind, enjoy your night, make new friends.
  4. When you leave, return to the DJ stand and pick up a mix that someone else made… then listen!

Making a mix tape with a self-designed cover is the best way to express affection for somebody. At least that’s how we managed our fear for girls back at high school. Covers of those mix tapes once were mostly small pieces of home-made art. On the Flickr group page Creative Cassette Covers these are collected, with some great designs among the contributions. More into the digital era, there’s a group that collecting covers of both mix tapes and CDs.