H&M Opens Hybrid Neighborhood Store in Berlin

Moving beyond fast fashion, H&M is reinventing itself as a neighborhood platform that offers yoga, vintage design and superfoods in the heart of Berlin.

H&M lately has been struggling to adapt to customer’s changing shopping behaviors, which resulted in lots of items remaining unsold. Since a new generation of trendy-savvy, but conscious consumers is spending their money on experiences rather than things, this boutique store is an attempted answer.

As the store name ‘Mitte Garten’ suggests, customers can expect a large backyard garden with terrace, right in the heart of the German capital’s creative scene. Here in Berlin-Mitte, the fashion giant is going all-in for quality instead of quantity.

The shop is one of the smallest ever opened and features a curated assortment of local brands, vintage items that blend in between H&M fashion pieces and a plug-in café, that offers (super)foods, juices as well as natural beauty products.

The new concept aims to draw people into the shop for more than just trying on clothing but to attend events, free yoga classes and fashion talks. In Germany, with many competitors within the affordable fashion sector, the Swedish retailer is under pressure to remain relevant. On the wall, you can read: “We hope to help you find what you are looking for — or something else entirely.” It remains to be explored how this will be interpreted by the consumers.