Berlinomat: Street Art To Go From Berlin

Rudolf from Urbanshit recently discovered this amazing ‘street art to go’ vending machine at Berlin’s Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). The so-called Berlinomat provides the book Urban Art Berlin by Kai Jakob for € 12,95 and proves the big impact that street art has on Berlin’s lay-out and atmosphere. Many tourists pay a visit to Berlin because of the special creative and independent vibe that Berlin is having these days. The looks and guerrilla radiation of walls covered with street art projects, posters, stickers and graffiti is among the main attractions to young urban pioneers. Here, the Berlinomat is meant to provide souvenirs for them.

All the activity on the walls express a broader idea about Berlin: “Things are possible here!”. Each poster promotes an activity somewhere else in the city. Each sticker says “Here is a graphic designer living around the corner, probably without a day job, but with creative ideas. In other words, all this street art symbolizes the usually mentioned qualities of Berlin as a creative, cultural and clubbing capital of Europe.

The fact that street art has become a true promotion for Berlin is also in the presence of a sticker museum. At this place stickers used in Berlin’s street art scene are shown and sold. At another shop (Supalife) that I wrote about before you can buy collections of famous street art stickers made by and collected from the original artists. I bought myself a package of stickers by the group Stromausfall.