Become A Londoner With Carl Goes London

We all know the city guides that highlight the travel essentials that do nothing more than providing the ultimate tourist experience. Carl Goes is not your ordinary city guide — it is written for “curious and creative people”, aimed at a new generation of urban nomads.

Instead of listing all the usual attractions, Carl Goes reveals handpicked recommendations by local residents that give insights of how to live, work and play in the city. Similar to the previous edition, Carl Goes invites you to become a citizen in 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months. This time, London is the scene: a global and corporate city that at the same time is known for its strong entrepreneurism fulfilled by tech startups and creative ventures. This particular combination gives London a distinctive vibe that to many London-enthusiasts outweighs the city’s expensiveness.

Carl Goes London Carl Goes London

This guide provides useful information on working and living, targeting people who want to stay for a longer while in London. It offers a list of co-working spaces, funding options, incubators and accelerators, networking events and activities, as well as inexpensive places for eating, drinking, sleeping and what else is noteworthy for living like a local. Next to common essentials one needs to know about London, Carl Goes London features a series of interviews with locals, all active in the creative scenes. The interviews include specific questions for each interviewee based on their work and lifestyle in London.

Carl Goes London Carl Goes London

Pop-up entrepreneur Ellen Parr calls London “a foodie city with one of the most exciting food scenes in the world”. Alice Hodge and Ellen Parr are the owners of pop-up restaurant The Art of Dining. They share their experiences in the pop-up scene of London, which is getting bigger and bigger. Their successful pop-up restaurants come back between a week and a month and differ each time from theme and location. What is interesting is that, when reading the interview with design entrepreneur Lee Thornley, it becomes clear that not everybody shares the same view on the pop-up scene. Thornley describes pop ups as the current fad of London, naming good and bad parts of the pop-up movement.

Carl Goes London

As with the previous edition Carl Goes Berlin, a paradoxical part is placed at the end of the guide, where the authors invite you to “get lost” in the city. After 200 pages of guiding the London traveler through a journey of knowing the ins and outs of the city, it seems that getting lost will become difficult for the reader. Yet, the guide provides useful insights for the mobile integrated being, targeting an audience of the urban nomads. In this regard, Carl Goes city guides offer exceptional quality when it comes to challenging the increasing mobility of the contemporary world. Reach out to this guide if you want to blend in with the locals and make sure you keep an eye out on their website: more editions are coming soon!

Carl Goes London
Author: Sascha Mengerink, Sasha Arms
Illustrations: Dorien Broenink/Sascha Mengerink
Publisher: Drake Shake B.V., Enschede, The Netherlands
Soft cover, 256 pages, 130 x 210 mm
Language: English
ISBN: 978-94-92181-01-5