A Cabin For Rent Inside A House

The Brooklyn-based artist couple Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao have constructed a bed & breakfast cabin inside their own house that they rent out on Airbnb. The idea for a A Cabin in a Loft was based on the house-in-a-house concept.

Frezza and Chiao wanted to share their loft in Brooklyn with travelers and fellow artists, and came up with the idea to create two private houses inside the big space in which they both work and live: a ‘tree house’ that functions as their home, and a cabin that’s available for rent. Both micro-houses have a bed, a storage space and a semi-private garden space. The space between the structures contains a kitchen and a table for dining and working, and is further used as a combined living room by the hosts and the guests together.

A Cabin in a Loft

Located in an old textile factory in Bushwick, the loft’s big, open character inspired the artist couple to come up with a living space inside a living space solution: “Rather than building floor-to-ceiling walls to divide the apartment into two bedrooms, the pitched roof of the cabin and elevated floor of the treehouse maintain the openness and character of the loft while also allowing sunlight to fill the entire space. As a result, living in the space can feel like living outdoors, in a small community of two houses.”

A Cabin in a Loft A Cabin in a Loft A Cabin in a Loft

The cabin is available for rent on Airbnb for $118 per night for a single person, or for $138 for two persons. By renting the cabin you not only enjoy a one-of-a kind hospitality experience in one of the Big Apple’s hottest neighborhoods, you also support the artists in their work. Art plays a major role in this concept, with works by Frezza and Chiao as well as by fellow artists and designers being exhibited inside the ‘hotel room’. The hosts hope to welcome other artists as guests in their cabin.

A Cabin in a Loft

As a variation to the shop-in-a-shop, this idea of a house-in-a-house breaks with standard lifestyle arrangements. Personally I would find it pretty exhausting to welcome sleeping guests in my own house all year round, but it’s definitely inspiring to see that new concepts like this open up the fixed boundaries between living and hospitality, and between house and hotel. Compared to other ‘regular’ Airbnb apartments, this concept has created a different social space. A guest doesn’t only rent a room in someone’s house, but guest and host will interact more intensively.