Now, Don’t Forget To Fold Inn Your Room, Will Ya?

Fold Inn

Fellow workers out there, listen up! Think of all the situations you would have preferred to have your bed right next to your desk. Think of all the times you wanted to sleep in your own bed and, instead, had to turn to an expensive hotel or a budget hostel. Fold Inn could send all these problems to the past as this expandable bedroom is easy to store away and set up again within seconds.

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  • This Happens When You Put Creative Minds Into A Pressure Cooker

    With his Shapeshifter project, Menno van den Berg explores ways to let furniture and objects change their form and shape according to the needs of the user.

    On Friday September 27, during the HOT100 Days, hosted by The New Institute, the former building of the Dutch Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations was transformed into a pressure cooker for the young creatives. The newest generation of Dutch new media graduates were asked to crack several societal issues in a series of workshops. What kind of ideas did they come up with?

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  • New York City Nostalgia In A Bottle


    Last week we found something very peculiar in our mailbox: a glass jar filled with, well, to be honest, trash. Two students from Parsons, the New School of Design in New York, clarified the matter for us. Their recent product MissingNYC fits an authentic part of New York City — a favorite neighborhood, park or landmark, whatever it may be — into a small jar that can be carried around as a cure for homesickness, sent to loved ones as a souvenir or made a gift for bloggers across the Atlantic.

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