Cocooning Made Easy With Bubble Furniture

Cocoon 1 by Micasa Lab

Ain’t this a great piece of furniture? Designed by Zürich-based Micasa Lab, the ‘Cocoon 1′ aims to meet the human need for shelter, for survival against nature, for solitude among people or against people or for defining the different functions in our lives. It’s not an ordinary furniture piece — the interesting thing is that the transparent bubble creates a new space.

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Vintage Campers For Birds

Vintage camper bird house by Jumahl

Design for animals is hot. Over the last years we’ve encountered loads of projects that extend design principles to the world of animals. Sometimes to improve living conditions for animals or help to preserve a species, sometimes because a designer bird house is prettier to look at. This is another example. Wood-worker Jumahl sells home-made birdhouses on Etsy. The houses are inspired by campers of the 1940s and 1950s, and can definitely decorate your garden.

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  • Kevin Cyr Transforms Shopping Cart Into A Tiny House

    Camper Kart by Kevin Cyr

    We’ve been talking a lot about tiny homes lately, but artist Kevin Cyr takes the concept to the extreme. For his latest crowd-funded project, Cyr found a ubiquitous shopping cart and inserted his pop-up camper design to create the Camper Kart. Don’t be fooled by the compact exterior — Cyr has managed to pack storage, table and seating space, as well as lighting inside the space of a shopping cart.

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    A Knitted Playground In Japan

    Woods of Net

    While some are still active knitting the city, we have focused on other projects and trends shaping the future, but Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam’s ‘Woods of Net’ project deserves special attention. Woods of Net, exhibited at the Hakone Open-Air Museum, is a structure entirely knitted by hand, designed for children to play with: children are invited to crow in, roll around and jump on the net.

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