Local, Authentic, Sustainable: The Style Of The New Artisan Economy

New Artisan Economy logos

The so-called New Artisan Economy has become hotter than hot in our cities. This trend is especially visible in the form of new, small-scale companies focusing on local craftsmanship. Consumers are more and more demanding for local products that are produced in a sustainable way, with care for the environment. Keywords in the New Artisan Economy are local, authentic and sustainable, whether we’re talking chocolate, jeans or bicycles.

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  • Dubbeldam Pop-Up Office Makes Work Work For Everyone

    Pop-Up Office by Dubbeldam

    The Pop-Up Office by Dubbeldam is a durable container-based workplace consisting of different modules made out of discarded shipping palettes that can be arranged by the users’ liking to create a workplace that is ideal for everyone involved. The user can choose from different kinds of working environments, like ‘focus’ and ‘refuel’ and in this way always have an ideal place to work. And it can be put anywhere to boot!

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  • Camouflaging The Urban Ugliness

    Urban camouflage by Roeland Otten

    Today, it was Dutch designer Roeland Otten that made our day! Starting in 2009 in Rotterdam, until his most recent intervention in Amsterdam, the designer has been ‘dressing’ the walls of concrete, inelegant urban infrastructures (such as an electricity station or an air-quality measuring station) with photographs. Either in the form of sleek, big, high resolution photographs which create an optical illusion of invisibility and transparency or in that of small colored tiles that form a pixelated resemblance of the urban environment behind them the designer manages to conceal some ugly parts of the city.

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