New Identity for Business Park De Heining

Business park De Heining in the far west of Amsterdam has an illustrious history. PUC was asked by the City of Amsterdam to work with local entrepreneurs to shape a new image for the area.

Amsterdam’s Maker District

There is less and less space in cities for manufacturing companies. De Heining is still one of those places where contractors, car garages and artists find such space. In the coming years, De Heining will offer space to companies that will have to make way for urban transformation in other parts of Amsterdam. A strong business park on De Heining is therefore very important for the dynamics, economy and facilities in the whole of Amsterdam. Many improvements have already been initiated in recent years. Companies have moved from renting to leasehold, management has improved, clandestine entrepreneurs have disappeared and the mutual atmosphere and connectedness are increasing. New entrepreneurs are strengthening the area and investing in sustainability.

De Heining
De Heining in 1986. Photo courtesy of Stadsarchief Amsterdam

Community-Building in a Business Park

A series of activities jointly set up by the entrepreneurs highlights the positive development and strengthens the local community. On 24 September 2022, as part of transparency, their doors will open to the general public to introduce Amsterdam to this special and unknown business area. A large bronze artwork in the public space will also be unveiled and a symposium on the future of De Heining will take place in the presence of alderman for economic affairs Sofyan Mbarki, district administrator Sander Doevendans and a big party.

A New Identity for De Heining

To give the area a new identity, a new style and website developed in cooperation with parties in the area will also be launched on this day. The strategy behind this new positioning is to ensure that De Heining can shape its own story. Stories and news items from years ago will then slowly fade into the background and make way for a new élan of this rugged and creative piece of Amsterdam.

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