Rooftop Futures

In collaboration with ROEF, Amsterdam’s annual rooftop festival, Pop-Up City explores the undiscovered potential of the urban rooftop landscape.


Four Creative Policies to Unlock the Urban Roofscape

How can cities encourage better use of roofs? We show four examples of creative policies from around the world that are bringing about positive change.

Rooftop Catalogue

MVRDV Presents… 130 Ideas for Rooftops

The newly-released Rooftop Catalogue by architects MVRDV highlights 130 ways to use rooftops in cities. The book provides an overview of innovative ideas aiming to inspire architects, citizens and building owners to take the next step.

Rice Terrace Rooftop

Asia’s Largest Rooftop Farm Is a Rice Terrace on Top of a University

A building of Bangkok's Thammasat University is now home to Asia's largest rooftop farm. Drawing inspiration from traditional rice-farming practices, the farm mimics a local rice terrace landscape.

Funan Mall

Urban Farming in Singapore Is Reaching New Heights

At the newly renovated Funan Mall in the centre of Singapore, you can visit an urban rooftop farm that is part of the city's efforts in addressing its food insecurity issues.

Rooftop Sheep

This Building’s Rooftop Is Home to Eight Sheep

Startups and creatives have been given a new home in Munich's Werksviertel. But not only humans are working and thriving there, as a small herd of rooftop sheep is also here to stay.


You Can Ski Without Snow on This Power Plant’s Rooftop

Copenhagen’s new city attraction makes use of a power plant's rooftop for citizens and tourists to hit the slopes all year round.

Red Rooftop Provides Calm Space for Reflection

Linz-based Urgent.Agency created an art installation that wants you to explore the rooftop as a space for calmness and reflection in the city.

Using Rooftops to Turn Rain Into Beer

Rainbeer is an ambitious project that brings to light the consequential effects of climate change, and encourages people to incorporate eco-friendly strategies into their own projects via urban rooftops.

This Pavilion Brings Leisure and Green to a Carpark Rooftop

DeDAKKAS is bringing hospitality, green and a great city view to the rooftop of a Dutch parking lot.

This Rooftop Pioneer Lives on Top of a Converted Train Line

Renée Rooijmans is a rooftop pioneer, living on a converted train viaduct in Rotterdam in a tiny trailer.

Dunes on an Urban Rooftop — Why Not?

A dune landscape will soon emerge on the roof of two new housing blocks in Amsterdam. The buildings will not just provide a place for humans — they will also be a home to native plants and animals.

Urban Rooftops May Well Become the New Airports

Electric air taxi startup Lilium believes in a future in which anyone can fly anywhere. Will the German startup transform urban rooftops into mini-airports?