Pandemic Urbanism

The coronavirus pandemic redefines urban space as we know it. Will our cities never be the same again, or are we going back to business as soon as this is over?

How the Paris Cycle Network Was Created Bottom-Up

Cyclists are increasingly dominating the streets in Paris. To everyone's surprise, the French capital has changed in a few years from a car city to a bicycle city. But how did this happen?

Cost Plus Virtual Store

Virtual Store Bridges the Gap Between Online and Offline Shopping

The Cost Plus Virtual Store lets customers browse digitally through a 360° retail environment.

Unreal City

Augmented Reality App Makes the Art Exhibition COVID-Proof

An augmented reality exhibition along the River Thames transforms London’s public space into a COVID-proof digital museum.

Multi-Purpose Furniture for Life in Lockdown

As we are forced to spend most of our existence at home, startups are coming up with smart solutions to make our spaces more flexible and multi-purpose.

My Room in the Garden

COVID-19 Drives Demand for Home Office Pods

WFH is here to stay. London-based architecture studio Boano Prišmontas have built a flat pack home office for your back garden.

Barbados Bleisure

The Emergence of ‘Bleisure’ Destinations in the Age of Remote Work

Have you ever dreamt of living on a tropical island, going to the beach every morning and exploring its beautiful nature, without losing your job? Well, now that can be your reality. Barbados is offering a 12-month visa for remote workers.

Hotels Become Apartments

Hotels Around the World Turn Into Apartment Buildings

COVID-19 forces hotels around the world to find new solutions to stay in business. We selected three examples of how hotels reinvent themselves by making a shift towards housing.

Proxemy Bubble

Wearable Helps You Maintain Social Distancing

The Proxemy Bubble is a wearable that allows you to maintain safe distance from other people during COVID-19.

City Navigation During COVID-19

These Tools Help You to Navigate Cities in Safe Social Distance

New navigation tools show how our interaction and valuation of urban spaces is changing as a result of COVID-19 and social distancing.

Tenino Community Currency

Small Town Creates Local Currency to Weather COVID-19 Impacts

Tenino, a small town in Washington state, is printing its own currency to help local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

H&M Graduate Show

H&M Showcases Graphic Design Graduates’ Posters on London Shop Windows

A collaboration between H&M and graphic design school Shillington Education featured the works of recent graduates at the busiest shopping street in Europe.

COVID-19 Parklets Rotterdam

Rotterdam Offers Free Parklets to Help Local Businesses Turn Parking Spots Into Terraces

Rotterdam is taking its businesses outside with terraces in street parking spaces to allow enterprises to offer their services in a safe, socially distant setting.