Virtual Store Bridges the Gap Between Online and Offline Shopping

Cost Plus Virtual Store

The Cost Plus Virtual Store lets customers browse digitally through a 360° retail environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many of us understandably wary of in-store shopping. And consumers all over the world have had to largely turn to online stores during the past year. But shoppers are missing interaction with physical retail spaces and the inspiration that can be gained from browsing hands-on.

In the midst of this crisis, exciting and unique initiatives are emerging, providing virtual shopping experiences. One of them is the Cost Plus World Market Virtual Store, an unforgettable experience that adds a new dimension to virtual shopping. Unlike other virtual experiences, Cost Plus has recreated a real in-store layout, allowing customers to browse at their will and gain inspiration from seasonal trends.

Cost Plus Virtual Store
Doll house view of the store

Cost Plus World Market Store is a virtual space where customers can browse and purchase over 550 products in a realistic store setting. The technology provides customers with an in-store experience with an added layer of storytelling content, designed to inform customers about seasonal trends. The store is a 360° experience of the retailer’s physical environment, where customers can actually navigate through the aisles. This whole experience makes a big difference for customers and gives them a sense of familiarity to enjoy a physical connection with the shopping space during these unprecedented times.