Multi-Purpose Furniture for Life in Lockdown

As we are forced to spend most of our existence at home, startups are coming up with smart solutions to make our spaces more flexible and multi-purpose.

Creating a healthy and comfortable indoor space is essential for mental and physical well being. What could be done to make our indoor spaces more flexible? How can one space allow for the needs of varied uses? In times such as the present, where the coronavirus pandemic has caused us to reconsider the very purpose of space, these questions are at the centre of our minds.

As COVID-19 brings about changes in almost every aspect of our lives, it is crucial to rethink the way we design our living spaces. Hundreds of millions of people around the globe are now working from home, and it’s not just office life that has moved into the private realm. During lockdowns, almost everything including sports, entertainment and socialising are shifted into our private living spaces. Amid this upheaval, creative entrepreneurs are coming forward with solutions that make it possible for individuals to transform their single-use private spaces into flexible multi-purpose space.

Photo — Pivot Fitness

An interesting example of this trend is illustrated by Pivot Fitness, who have invented the ultimate home fitness solution. They have created a bed that transforms into a complete gym setup within three seconds. This home gym includes a pull-up bar, full power rack, a bench and a space for weights. This transformation from bedroom to gym gives rise to a whole new type of ‘hybrid’ space.

Photo — Pivot Fitness

Now, more than ever, we need to think about making our living spaces more hybrid and creative. The coronavirus pandemic has forced people into spending most of their existence at home and we must adapt quickly to create living solutions for a better quality of life.