Thermo Map Shows Best Attractions According To The Weather

We recently came across this map that designer Camilla Hempleman made of her hometown of Bath, England, called  the BATH °C thermo colour map. It’s a map unlike any you’ll find in tourist info booths or train stations, because it responds to outside temperatures and displays the best things to do in a city according to the weather.

She’s put a super cool and functional spin on traditional tourist maps to create a very unique tool which people can use to explore the city. The thermo colour map responds to temperatures and weather conditions to display city attractions according to weather conditions. For example, on a hot day the map will highlight rivers and lakes in pink. If it’s a little colder, indoor attractions are displayed in blue. The map is also rain activated and will highlight some indoor activities such as museums to suit those wet days.

Thermo Map Thermo Map Thermo Map

The key to this magic is the thermo chromic inks and tyvek fabric which responds at different temperatures, and are also rain activated. Hempleman has hand illustrated the detailed buildings featured on this map, and designed it with no-waste packaging that’s also waterproof. Last but not least, one of the best features of this super functional travel tool is that it’s made to be rolled up and stored away which is a huge bonus if you, like me, hate those gigantic fold out maps that end up crumpled on the bottom of your bag.