Tag Your Stuff With Pixie And Find It Back Easily

Just when you’re in a hurry to leave the house for that important meeting, you can’t find your car keys. As a result, you easily spend 15 minutes searching for them. If this sounds familiar you may want to try Pixie, a personal digital platform that helps you to locate your stuff thanks to bluetooth technology.


Pixie is a kit of small bluetooth beacons that can be attached to anything — from car keys to remote control, and from pet collars and bikes. All items that are ‘pixified’ are in connection with each other and share their location information. With the Pixie app it’s really easy to track these items and find them back. Using augmented reality, the in-app camera will show tagged objects onscreen, even through walls. Pixie users can also make checklists of their ‘fixed’ items. When you go on a holiday and not all essential items such as passport, wallet, phone, are packed, Pixie will give a sign and flags the items that are missing.

Pixie Pixie

Using this LoT (Locator of Things) technology, Pixie has basically created a network of items that can correspond and even talk which each other. This does not only create a ‘smart household’, but it also adds potential smart technology to the city. Add a pixie to your bicycle and find it back easily. Let your car give you a sign when you forgot to bring your driver license. Or add a Pixie to your shopping cart and let it find a your pre-set shopping list.