Rooftop Futures

In collaboration with Amsterdam's rooftop festival ROEF, we're exploring the hidden potential of the urban roofscape.

The New Frontier for Urban Development

In this time of tight housing markets, mass urbanization and a climate crisis, the rooftop landscape becomes the new frontier for urban development. As under 2% of all urban rooftops are used, they are the ultimate place to experiment with innovative housing solutions, sustainable food production, climate change adaptation, and new types of public space. Some pioneers have started already, but the future — and potential — of rooftops is yet to be defined.

From Food to Mobility

Will urban rooftops carry the new tiny house villages? Can we turn urban rooftops into mini community airports for electric air taxis? And can we start a food production revolution on top of our houses? In this trend report, we will outline five trends that are driving rooftop pioneers to unlock the potential of the urban roofscape. With creative and innovative examples, we’ll show you that endless possibilities can be found on rooftops in cities across the world.

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