Pop-Up City was an official media partner of the 2014, 2016 and 2018 editions of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam.

The Church Of The 21st Century Is Not A Church

Imagine your own utopia, a quiet and peaceful place where you can lay back and relax. With its Yourtopia pavilion, Amsterdam-based architecture office SeARCH wanted to create such a place. The structure, officially called Het Nieuwe Paviljoen, represents a utopian view on living in the early 21st century, answering the question: What is minimally needed to achieve an optimal quality of life?

Building On Trash In Jakarta

In Jakarta garbage is recycled in a quite special way. The waste from the Ciliwung River is stored alongside the water, creating foundations for the poor to build their homes on.

IABR Lesson #48: How To Create Your Own Cyber Garden

Gardening in the 21st century is not about a shovel and a rake any more. Today we talk cyber-gardening, that's all about applying the latest technologies to produce our food. London-based design office EcoLogicStudio has developed a new agro-urban prototype for algae cultivation — a digital design project that combines urbanism, food manufacturing and ecology.

Don’t Touch The Ground In Hong Kong!

In the Netherlands many kids play a game called 'voetje van de vloer', which is about keeping your feet off the ground as long as possible. The Cities Collective makes this game come to life on a city-wide level by presenting a series of three-dimensional maps of Hong Kong which you can use when you would like to experience the city without 'touching the ground'...

How To Move An Entire City

Have you ever thought about moving a complete city of 23,000 inhabitants? It's probably not on your mind, but the people in the Swedish city of Kiruna can't think about anything else.

Urban By Nature — An Introduction To IABR 2014

On Wednesday 28 May, the sixth edition of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) was officially opened. The central theme of this year's IABR is 'Urban by Nature', with various venues across Rotterdam featuring appealing exhibitions and events. As an official media partner we will report the most interesting projects of the IABR in the coming three months.