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Support the Best Urban Ideas of 2016

smart urban pioneers is a competition for creative and innovative ideas for cities. Now it's time for your support in the crowdfunding and deciding the winner!

How about a house that you can take with you? And how do we turn public spaces into playgrounds? After an exciting voting phase, three promising urban initiatives have made it into the grand finale of smart urban pioneers:

Cabin Spacey

Cabin Spacey

Cabin Spacey introduces a whole new genre to urban housing by attaching smart modular cabins to cities’ existing infrastructure — rooftops, parking decks, temporary lots, and so on. The concept represents the answer to an increasing demand for affordable housing by a generation that embraces urban life while also being environmentally responsible and resource efficient.



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Urban Affairs

Urban Affairs

Urban Affairs 2016 is an urban innovation festival taking place over the course of three days, in three different locations throughout Berlin. The event is aimed at bringing artists, scientists, and citizens together to re-activate urban spaces. During its first edition, Urban Affairs wants to create new ideas together with the visitors and participating artists and experts.

Your support is needed in bringing the projects to life! Each idea has its own crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The final rankings of the three best smart urban pioneers will be determined by a compilation of the expert jury, the number of votes, as well as the success of the crowdfunding campaign. In addition to the attained crowdfunding, smart will also provide the three finalists with financial support: the winning idea will receive 25,000 euros, the runner-up 15,000 euros and the third-placed project 10,000 euros. Who’s your favorite? Put your money where your mouth is!

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