GPS-Powered Bicycle Bell Helps You Find Your Bike Back

If you’ve ever cycled in Amsterdam, you know how hard it can be to find your bike back after you have parked it somewhere in the city between thousands of other bikes. The Amsterdam-based designers Frolic have created Pingbell, the first smart bicycle bell that helps you find your bike back with just a ping of your bell…

Every now and then the design team at Frolic organizes 24h Frolic. This means that team members write down those subjects that they think deserve more attention and put these in a box. As soon as the office has some spare time they open the box and work for 24 hours non-stop on one of the ideas. This is how Pingbell came to be.



Pingbell is an ordinary bell which is packed with electronics and uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect to your iPhone. Right after parking your bike its location is recorded automatically. If you want to find your bike back, the free Pingbell app will drop a pin on your map. Through Bluetooth the app can also tell you if you are getting any closer. If you still can not find your bike, the app has the ability to ring the bell or to blink the bell’s light.


The prototypes of the bell are ready and tested. But to produce them for real, Frolic has launched a Kickstarter campaign. So if you want to support Pingbell and get your own smart bell, this is your chance. But be quick, the campaign ends today!

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