Luxury Pop-Up Hotel Travels With You Wherever You Go

Usually, you start looking for a place to sleep once you have deciced where you are actually going on a trip. In this case, Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Emmy Polkamp has turned that idea upside down with her pop-up hotel.

To Many Places is a traveling pop-up hotel that can settle in abandoned buildings, undeveloped lands and other unexpected settings. Rather than looking for a hotel in a place that you are about to visit, To Many Places actually leads you somewhere: an abandoned church, an historic factory or even a prison, it’s all possible. The pop-up hotel consists of a collection of single and double tents that can be easily constructed within a specific building. Each tent carries a hotel-like bed, table and chairs and storage boxes. In addition, there is a communal mobile kitchen where you can prepare breakfast or do dishes.

To Many PlacesTo Many Places To Many Places

To Many Places tries to combine the charm of camping with the luxury of a ‘real’ hotel. While you can enjoy breakfast in a quality bed, you shouldn’t adverse to walking your dirty dishes to a communal kitchen. As Polkamp admits, this is what captures the cozyness of real camping. In addition, she aims to organise various activities such as an outdoor cinema or concerts where To Many Places is located, offering guests an interesting program which includes local initiatives. This in turn also adds to the uniqueness of the entire experience.

To Many Places To Many Places To Many Places

Polkamp has invented To Many Places to serve a twofold goal: on the one hand, it reuses empty buildings, while it simultaneously offers a different take on hotel accommodations and the experience of camping. Ultimately, Polkamp hopes that with her pop-up hotel, she will be able to travel to … well, to many places.