Young Creatives Swap Their Lives For Timberland Campaign

American shoe manufacturer Timberland took the saying “Put yourself in someone else’s shoes” literally and made a project called Life Swaps where young creatives exchanged their routines, hobbies, friends and environment for 3 whole days.

The Life Swap project started in September with the first life swap happening between a Spanish furniture designer Marc Morro and a British magazine editor Sam Smith (not the singer!)

Life Swap

Life Swap

“The way it works is simple; it all starts with a piece of paper with a list of things to do in three days,” Timberland say. When the participants left to their designated destinations they had no clue what to expect. Upon arriving at their new home they were left with a note from their life swap partner with their scheduled activities. They went to dinner with new friends, to football practice, rode a Vespa and practically lived other person’s life. Not only did they get to explore someone else’s life but also the city they were shipped to. Altogether, 4 people swapped their lives and wandered the streets of 4 European cities: Barcelona, London, Milan and Berlin. All of them were #inmyelement.

Alongside this, Timberland have made a list of cool places to visit for the previously mentioned cities and some additional cities. The list is open for suggestions, so if you know a cool place somewhere in the world you can post it on their site or just browse among the ones that are already published.

Life Swap

Timberland’s Life Swap project goes hand in hand with their Fall Winter 2014 collection that focuses on products that are ready for anything, any kind of weather and any kind of day plans .

Would you swap your life if given the chance? I know I would!