Where Did Yours Go?

Sewage systems are totally taken for granted, but without them life would be a lot worse. Considered the best innovation in history (no, not the iPad), they are just there under the streets of the Western world, taking care of our sanitation. However, 2.6 billion people do not have access to such a system. The water and sanitation crisis in the developing countries has claimed more lives than all the wars of the 20th century, combined. In order to raise awareness for this year’s World Toilet Day (the worldwide event that addresses this huge problem and its consequences), digital marketing agency Creative Social came up with the one and only Flush Tracker.

Flush Tracker is an interactive Google-based website that gives insight in how far your waste travels before it arrives at the sewage treatment plant. You can finally find out where yours goes.

“Tap in your postcode, which should house the location of the toilet you have just flushed, and the site will show you exactly what happens to your flush once it disappears down the toilet: its exact position, speed and distance traveled as it navigates the length of the sewage system.”

For the moment Flush Tracker only provides information from England, Ireland, Poland and South Africa. Nevertheless, it is always interesting to see where Queen Elizabeth’s flush goes. The information is based on public sewer data available from government databases. As the creators explain they created an “estimated route based on it going to the nearest plant, and varying speed based on consultations with sewage experts”. Check it out for yourself.