Walk, Pause, Fast Forward, Play

Walking the Edit is an iPhone application using surrounding geolocalised information to create a movie while you are walking.

“It’s great that videos, pictures and other data can be geolocalized thus creating an ‘augmented space’. But we are left to wonder… how can we turn this abundance of information into a story? Can we build a narrative with all this geolocalized information? How can we make a visit to this augmented space a more coherent and enriching experience?”

This location-based application stands out by its ability to translate videos, images, sounds from the crowd into a unique movie that reflects the individual’s path and pace. “The movie is not before you but behind you.” Walking the Edit also promotes active walking as a creative way to discover the city. The way you walk defines the narrative structure of your movie. Fast walk = short shots. Slow walk = long shots. Once your trajectory is translated into a movie you can watch it on your phone or on the Walking the Edit website.

“We normally experience films like a flow, a continuity that passes leaving no traces other than sensorial or intellectual ones. Within the context of this project, the result is the translation of a geometric form (the trajectory) onto a basis of media: visitors do generate a narrative flux in the form of a film which they can watch, but this film can still be manipulated as an object and is linked to a set of data (trajectory, metadata) and of representations of these (mappings, iconographies, etc). One has to walk to generate, touch the iPhone to watch the process taking place, to manipulate the film-object: the more the spectators involve themselves physically and emotionally, the better the experience will be.”

Watch the project’s trailer here.