Wahwah.fm Turns You Into A Walking Music Station

Wahwah.fm is a fresh and unorthodox smartphone app developed in Berlin. Aiming to be the “Foursquare for sound” on TechCrunch, it lets you listen to your music library or a playlist created on SoundCloud and broadcast it at the same time through your (mobile) Internet connection. Conversely, you can tune into the music that people around you are listening to, enabling you to discover new music by listening to broadcasts from other people. Wahwah.fm turns its users into walking music stations, enabling them to transmit sound streams simultaneously to and from their direct environment.

“Wahwah.fm lets you listen to and broadcast music simultaneously, putting your location on a map. (…) You can follow broadcasts, post wall messages and track the number of listeners you have.”

Wahwah.fm tends to open up space for micro-location-based streaming, leading to whole new implications for broadcast licensing. And of course new interesting location-based marketing opportunities. For instance, it might be interesting for artists to promote the music they created through a whole new channel. Or think of soundtracks for locations. Or strolling around a city and exploring it through its music. Click here to download Wahwah.fm for iPhone. For the moment it is only possible to stream playlists on SoundCloud, but the developers have promised that future releases will enable you to add additional sources including music already stored on your iPhone.

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