Urban Station: The Best Of Both Worlds

While offices tend to look like bars, more and more bars tend to look like offices. With the increasing numbers of freelancers looking for a convenient place to sit and work, some bars are slightly becoming new types of offices. While the first generation of mobile workers is already more realistic about the convenience of working in a bar, lots of others are still inventing it as a new frontier of working in a relaxing atmosphere. Despite the unpleasant noise in most of the co-working bars and the difficult choice between too much coffee or the embarrassment of drinking too less in the eyes of the waiters, working from a bar is still very popular.

In Buenos Aires the amazing Urban Station is truly the best of both worlds when it comes to bars and offices. The concept Urban Station does not tell us whether it is more of a bar or more of an office. It is something perfectly in between and therefore a new typology in the range of possible working spots for nomadic workers. Urban Station’s services do not only include drinks, but also wireless Internet, among others, stressing that this place is not a bar and not an office but an Urban Station.

Besides to just being an interesting concept, the Urban Station space is beautifully designed. The neat interior contains elements of an office next to elements of a ‘Wohnzimmer’ bar. With artificial grass, carpets and canapés to relax, the atmosphere is really pleasant. But, on the other hand, it is the more serious office lamps and power service points at the tables that make this place a convenient spot for working. All really colorful and almost intuitively pleasant. Click here for more pictures of the Urban Station’s inspiring interior.