Turning Empty Rooftops Into Cinemas

Rooftops are the last frontier in our overcrowded cities. They are overlooked and underused, but they have an amazing potential for biodiversity, food production, housing, and leisure. The Rooftop Cinema Club turns rooftops across the USA and in London into neighborhood cinemas.

In this time when land in cities is becoming a very scarce good, some pioneers are starting to look at rooftops as places with great potential for human and non-human use. Since 2011, the Rooftop Cinema Club has managed to turn nine unused rooftops into a classic urban space — a movie theater. With multiple movie screenings every week, the Rooftop Cinema Club aims to provide a unique cinema experience with spectacular views as the added bonus.

One of two LA Rooftop Cinema Club venues on the 3rd floor of the former CBS studios in Hollywood

When you watch a movie on one of the selected rooftops in Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, Houston or London, you’ll enjoy your movie in a comfy deck-chair through a state-of-the-art headphone and a stunning view right next to you. And this is not just a temporary pop-up cinema event that is sold-out before you know it’s there. Rooftop Cinema Club actually uses selected rooftops in five cities with a consistent program of iconic movies. This means you can rely on these rooftops in your daily urban routine as they start to integrate into the fabric of the local neighborhood.

One of three London venues, on the rooftop of the Stratford Shopping Centre